A change of scenery.

    We can all probably remember a pivotal field trip (s) from our elementary years.  For me it was seeing King Tut at the ROM.  It spurred an interest in science and opened my mind to the word of archeology. In my sons school one teacher had a reputation for doing field trips weekly.  Wearing … Continue reading A change of scenery.


It’s about time…

I've become very curious about the generational differences that exist in learning.  I teach business fundamentals and entrepreneurship to both youth and adults.  In one week I was instructing ages from six to sixty! An individuals motivation is  based on what important to them but also includes generational and societal influences and perhaps even pressure.  I think … Continue reading It’s about time…

The Value of Simulation

  Simulation as an instructional technique offers tremendous benefit as a bridge between theory and practice.   Unfortunately this often this comes at a price that can limits is practical application  and authenticity. My class mate Angela  does an excellent job of highlighting the application of simulation in the nursing environment to maximize learning in her digital … Continue reading The Value of Simulation