My dad is left handed.



My dad is left handed.  Not because he set out to be that way that’s just the way he is.  His penmanship rivals that of physicians.

Depending on your “vintage” you can probably remember a time in your own education when things were a little different.  Whether it be fashion, trend, or a gogie,   those same principles applied today would cause shock and offense.  For me, Im old enough to remember corporal punishment.  For my dad it was handedness.  In his time in elementary school being left handed was considered aberrant.  They tried to “fix” him but it didn’t work .  He’s still left handed.

In a recent exercise we watched Susan Cain’s video on The Power of Introverts.   In the video she shares that introversion is a spectrum and that it is simply a derivative of where we get our energy from.  Throughout my sales and management career  I’ve learned that it takes all types of personalities to run a company.  The apparently shy employee who says nothing in meetings does have something to contribute. The quietest people often have the best ideas.

This RSA piece recently posted by a classmate I think captures more appropriately the value of diversity in any endeavour.  Susan Cain on Introversion.  I especially like the example of the Apple computer which actually took two Steve’s to be realized (Jobbs and Wozniak)

Societal bias will always exist whether its left or right handedness, introvert or extrovert.  Something is lost when we try to “fix” people.  Its our job as educators to be as inclusive as possible and allow the richness of diversity to be a source of inspiration and knowledge.  A place from which to build community.






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