The muddiest point


Photo credit: Tough Mudder

The muddiest point is a classroom assessment technique that involves asking students the most confusing or difficult point of a recently completed lesson.  The muddiest point question is usually asked anonymously and can be submitted on actual written cards or even electronically .

I have often used fill in the blank forms with rankings to obtain feedback on seminars I’ve presented.  This has recently felt more like trying to chalk up positive feedback on my own performance as a presenter than an assessment for how impactful I was as an instructor.

Its also not uncommon to get silence when you finish a lesson and ask “Are there any questions?”

The muddiest point solicits feedback in a more creative way, it identifies gaps in knowledge and speaks to students clarity and understanding.  Its also a powerful feedback tool for the instructor; providing you an opportunity to tailor your future lectures to address the gaps.

I think I will go buy myself some index cards and give this a try next time.



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