Dear diary ..


Reflection has tremendous impact on increasing self directed learning and engagement.  I’ve learned to appreciate this in the PIDP program as there is a consistent them of reflective practice through assignments utilizing the focussed conversation model.  I can appreciate though that this would become a frustrating exercise for those not willing to be reflective,  or worse,  get mired in self critique.

My classmate Donna recently did an infographic describing the benefit of Learning Logs .  Learning logs are a great way to track your own progress including both accomplishment and struggles.  Submitting them to your instructor can provide valuable insight into your progress and your particular areas of challenge.  I can see how as an instructional technique this can be invaluable in encouraging growth as a self directed learner.  I do see though that it can be time consuming an its use requires a conversation at the onset about expectations which may detract from its value.

Learning Logs.png



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