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Image By Paul Reynolds (Flickr: Reflection) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons)

In Chapter 2 of The Skillful Teacher Brookfield share his core assumptions on skillful teaching.  One that stood out for me and my own personal development is that of “…adopting (ing) a critically reflective stance towards their practice”.

The Teaching Perspectives Inventory is an on-line quiz that can be taken to examine and reflect on your orientation to teaching in relation to five different perspectives:

  • Transmission – mastery of content driven, conveyance of knowledge
  • Apprenticeship – skilled practitioner, working in the “zone of development”, modelling
  • Developmental  – planned and conducted from the learners point of view, let them “figure it out”
  • Nurturing -effort from the heart not the head, no fear of failure, efforts supported by teachers and peers
  • Social reform –   purposeful construction of knowledge, societal impact

The perspectives are not mutually exclusive and will vary by teaching scenario.

Below is my TPI.  Within adult education I have primarily focused on workshops involving entrepreneurs and business owners in the area of sales and marketing.  It was with this context that I approached the quiz.  However, I do think taking the inventory whilst being a student may have crept in a bit (i.e. how I like to be taught)  Perhaps the increased emphasis on learner centered perspectives?

TPI Craig


My profile is not flat and is differentiated; suggesting that I have some good idea of the kind of teacher I want to be.

Nurturing is my most dominant perspective which aligns with my belief that learning is constructed from within in a supportive environment.  Failure can often provide more valuable lessons than achievement.  Apprenticeship, and Developmental are my backup perspectives.  All three had the highest intention score reflecting my learner centrist belief.

Transmission is showing as recessive and also has the lowest intention.  Indicating clarity  about what I dont want to accomplish.  Teaching and learning for me is much more than the conveyance of knowledge.  Knowledge is cheap.

A four or more point difference  between behaviors (B), intentions (I) and actions (A) suggests a lack of consistency.   This doesn’t differ much in my most dominant perspectives.  The exception being Developmental in which my beliefs are not as strong as my intentions and actions.   Do I really believe that people can figure it out for themselves?  It might be useful to examine this and more importantly how I share my beliefs and its impact on students.

As someone who has more breadth than depth in my teaching experiences I’d find it interesting  to take the inventory again under different circumstances.

It would also be interesting to use this tool in a longer term with students to get their feedback on myself as a teacher and how well it aligns with my own views.





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