About Me

profileAn engineer by schooling, a salesman by trade, and an entrepreneur at heart.   I have over 20 years’ experience selling at all levels and in all environments along with over 10 years teaching and mentoring youth in financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship.


When I graduated high school it seemed natural to pursue an engineering degree since I was good in math and sciences; particularly chemistry.   Chemical Engineering it was!  I appreciated what engineering taught me about learning but cant say I enjoyed it all that much.  On graduating there weren’t a lot of attractive engineering jobs available so I found myself in a technical sales role in the oil industry.  I haven’t looked back and have been involved in sales and marketing in some capacity for most of my career in a variety of industries and a variety of roles.


I’ve always enjoyed teaching and instruction and am in the process of translating my sales and business experience into a career that incorporates my skills.


I’m passionate about youth entrepreneurship. Not everyone will choose to be an entrepreneur but I believe everyone should have the opportunity to showcase ‘founder / owner / operator ‘on their resume.


This blog was constructed specifically for PIDP 3100 but I look forward to using it to log my thoughts and ideas on education.

I live in North Vancouver BC and am married with two fantastic children who amaze me every day. We are a skiing family and most winter weekends you will find us in the mountains hunting powder.


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